Today's Young Girls, Tomorrow's Young Women
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About honey b


An organization dedicated to uplifting, empowering and propelling young girls to reach their full potential, Honey B Company is going above and beyond to invest in the future, theirs and ours.

We strive to help them succeed in their personal and academic endeavors, as well as in their communities, via the best source of leadership we know…example. Although we typically join forces with girls ranging between the ages of 4 - 14, we do host signature events throughout the year that benefit children in the community, both male and female.

Our tagline is ‘Today’s young girls, tomorrow’s strong women’ as we acknowledge and embrace just how critical the presence of a strong, diverse support system is as we expand their horizons through new experiences and tremendous encouragement.

Honey B is the physical manifestation of a legacy left behind by Bertha “Honey” Johnson. Our core values, goals and initiatives stand tall and firm upon the foundation, as well as life lessons, she helped construct for our founder and so many others in her community. She fed the hungry, clothed those in need and provided shelter to the displaced. After her passing, hundreds came to pay their respects and share the numerous ways she touched their lives. It is our mission to continue to positively impact the lives of individuals in communities all over the world, while empowering young girls to be fiercely phenomenal by imparting the wisdom passed down from the beloved matriarch.